Wireless internet upgrade

450 new wifi antennas added across campus

More residence halls and academic buildings now offer WIFI services as the IT staff has recently completed another phase of its project to expand wireless access across the Big Rapids Campus. Funding for the project was allocated for contracted labor as well as the purchasing of WIFI antennas and network switches.

The effort to revamp the campus network began in 2011.  Since January 2014, more than 450 WIFI antennas have been installed or upgraded. The upgrades include replacing older or obsolete equipment with some of the latest and greatest. “There are over 1,300 WIFI antennas currently operating on the main Big Rapids Campus with more being brought online monthly,” says Craig Roach, Network Infrastructure Coordinator.

According to Roach, enhancements have been made in all academic classrooms to improve wireless access. As for housing, Helen Ferris Hall, East Campus apartments, and South Campus apartments are now the only Ferris housing facilities that are not WIFI capable as they are soon slated for demolition. So how close are we to having a completely wireless campus? “In campus buildings, approximately 95%,” says Roach.

WIFI has become a staple in any professional environment; as for casual use, it has nearly become a demand among young people and the tech-savvy world at large. Bryan Marquardt, Director of Housing and Residence Life notes the importance of robust technology. “The administration at FSU has put wireless as one of its priorities for students, the campus community, and visitors.”