Artist of the week

Angus & Julia Stone

Genre: folk, blues, acoustic

Like: Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, Passenger

By the intimacy of this band’s folk music, you’d guess that Angus and Julia are a married couple.  Guess again. Formed in 2006, the band’s heart and soul comes from the two Australian siblings of its namesake along with percussionist Mitch Connelly and bassist Clay McDonald. 

After a stressful day of college, work, and meetings, Angus & Julia Stone won’t let you down when it the time comes to unwind and relax.  The siblings’ distinctive voices dance around each other in a gorgeous, warm harmony, and their soft, simplistic sound has often been provided by vintage instruments.  Did I mention the songs are also catchy?

I found Angus & Julia Stone while listening to my Lana Del Rey Pandora station, and every song I’ve heard by them is a hidden treasure that I thought I should share with the world- or at least Ferris. Now, I know what you’re thinking- they write a bunch of love songs.  Actually, some of their work is pretty edgy! I recommend the songs “Draw Your Swords”, “Yellow Brick Road”, and “Paper Aeroplane” for your first taste.  If they sound like something you might be into, don’t be afraid to expand your musical horizons all the way to Sydney, Australia.