Letter from the Editor

One of ours

Its not a coincidence that ISIS is waging terror on journalists.

In America, we have the right to free speech and press. Journalists have a platform to stand upon on use that right

Islamic extremists do not hate us for without reason, though I cannot argue they have a good one. Islamic extremists hate freedom. They hate that we speak our minds and impose our will.

Steven Sotloff and Jim Foley are Americans. Sotloff and Foley are journalists. It hits close to home in the journalism community.

This morbid intimidation will fail. ISIS, as Jon Stewart said following 9/11 about terrorists, lives in chaos. Chaos cannot sustain itself. No matter how organized ISIS may seem, as long as there are people in this world fighting for peace, terror can and will be destroyed

Fighting for peace seems like an oxymoron, but ask yourselves what are terrorists trying to win?

If a terrorist cell were to successfully carry out their grand scheme, what would the world look like? If they want it to themselves, what does that do for them? They’re fighting for more fighting.

If the world were to submit to their demands, they would be able to impose their extremist ways on the Middle East. What terrorists fail to understand is that no matter how many people they kill, someone will always be there to fight back.

Peace makes sense. Chaos and destruction lacks any sort of meaning, and terrorists will be destroyed before discovering this crucial point to life.

The path ahead is most likely bloody. Some reports suggest that ISIS is even more powerful than Al-Qaeda was at their height

British aid worker David Haines was the most recent execution by ISIS. The use of the label “British” and the label “American” must end in order to defeat this enemy. The label must become “Human.”

This is not an American problem, nor is it a British problem. It’s not even a Middle East problem. This is a crisis of humanity.