I get by

Together, a few can bring community and humanity to many

opinionsFew would disagree with the lyrical genius of the Beatles. Even fewer would suggest that there was no truth at all in their lyrics. The general consensus when it boils down to anything involving the Beatles is this: we can relate to it somehow. Their song “With a Little Help From My Friends” is one hummed by many. As with most of their work, it’s popular – but is its message?

The Beatles were onto something greater with this one. Getting by with the assistance of friends, families, and social institutions is a life college students know all too well. Community becomes almost vital once we leave the nest and embark on adulthood. Our networks are something cherished, especially when we find ourselves hungry and in need of groceries. This, all of this, is called solidarity.

Solidarity simply involves the community that human beings create. This web we manifest is powerful. Consider the quote “there is power in numbers.” These numbers bring about change. Think of any revolution – the first thing you think of is the people.

It’s simple: community is the core of change. Without these relationships, people feel alone, unloved, depressed. Having a network makes us feel empowered, safe, loved; anyone on a sports team or in a sorority will agree that community is crucial.

I can suggest this, but turn on the TV or look at the ones on in Westside and you will observe the exact opposite. War, conflict, hate; these are the themes of today, broadcasted virally, every day. The very things that restrict solidarity – community – are the very things that we are exposed to almost every moment we have. It seems that now, more than ever, that love, communication, solidarity, and their ilk are unfathomable myths. They are portrayed as misty fairy tales, and not as feasible interactions. Although humanity reveals the importance of groups and acceptance in them consistently, we are reluctant to embrace the community of humanity.

Peace is more than a pin on a button, and communication extends past a text message. Are we powerless? Of course not. The course of today rests gently in our palms, along with the things we value the most. The human potential for change is a bold truth, if people only choose to give thought to it. It is completely human to feel like our singularity means nothing, yet this is how things get started. To reiterate, it takes only one, small movement to create ripples in the waves. As Dr. Seuss reminds us: “Kid, you’ll move mountains!”