Nearing Completion

Ferris students anticipate opening of University Center

Everyone on and around campus has been waiting for the Rankin University Center renovation to be completed. However, what improvements are going to be inside the new building?

According to the webpage available for information on the building revamp, everyone can expect to see a “modern, future-oriented University Center,” with lots of room for students to sit and socialize or study, new various dining options, space for RSO’s to meet, and much more. How much more, one might ask?

Another Starbucks, The Barnes and Noble bookstore, conference centers, an art gallery, an FSU historical display, the First Lady’s Attic, a two story atrium with a large fireplace, a large dividable room similar to the Holiday Inn ballroom and a 24/7 study area for students with computers available much like FLITE’s to name a few features, according to associate VP physical plant and planning committee chair member Mike Hughes. The new building will also offer a large parking lot, and have energy efficient updates.

“It will be visually intuitive and easier to navigate,” Hughes said in reference to the frequent complaints about the Rankin Center.

Students all over campus are getting excited for the opening, coming in January 2015.

“I’m looking forward to a nice place to hang out between classes,” Rachel Hartline, a sophomore in the social work program said.

“I actually added a minor just so I could stay around to see it. I’m really excited,” Andrea Kriz, a 5 year operations and supply management student said. “That building, people got lost in it and it was really small and awkwardly shaped. Although, I did enjoy the Quiznos.”

Chelsea Owens, a senior in accounting with a minor in international business, agreed that she was looking forward to seeing the new building.

“I only get to enjoy it for one semester, but I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with it,” Owens said. “I hope that people will make good use out of it.”

Jackson Harris, a junior in accounting, said that he was also in good spirits about the renovation, but didn’t necessarily think that it needed to be rebuilt. “I guess it didn’t really need to be updated, but if they had it in their budget, why not?” Harris said.

“I hope it’s going to be more student oriented, more so than it was before,” David Lebin, a junior in music industry management said. “I feel like there were a lot of facilities in there that weren’t oriented towards students. I think the new university center will be a nice addition to campus.”

For more information regarding the University Center, go to for details. The new building is scheduled to open in January of 2015.