Tim Skubick returns to Ferris

Experienced journalist to speak about current political activities

Political journalist Tim Skubick is returning to Ferris to speak for a third time, on Thursday, Oct. 16, hosted by the Political Engagement Project.

The topics to be covered in the seminar include, “The upcoming election from race for governor, U.S. senate, state house and senate races, and anything else the audience wants to chat about,” Skubick said.

Skubick has been in the business for about 45 years, starting in 1969. His main goal of coming to Ferris to speak about current political happenings is to get people involved in the issues that affect them, directly or indirectly.

“My job is not work. It is something different every day, as corny as it sounds. I see my role as asking the tough questions on behalf of citizens and then supplying them with the information to make an informed decision on how the politicians are doing,” Skubick said. “Regarding students, I am deeply concerned that most, but not all, college students don’t give a hoot about politics. In fact I was the same way.  But if our Democracy is to survive we need younger voters involved and so my journey to Ferris is part of my personal commitment to motivate as many students as possible to get into the game.”

Skubick covers government issues around the Lansing area, is a political columnist for MLive.com and produced and anchors “Off the Record,” on PBS, which is “Weekly Michigan Public TV coverage of the governor’s office, the state legislature, the political campaign trail and state government,” according to wkar.org/programs/record.

The seminar is to be held at 7 p.m. in the College of Business, in room 111. Any and all students, faculty, staff and community members are encouraged to attend.

The Political Engagement Project, or PEP, will also be hosting other related events throughout the rest of the year.

To learn more about the Political Engagement Project, and how to get involved, at www.ferris.edu/pep/.