By: Garrett Humphrey

Feminism is a social movement that is defined as equal rights for women and for men. This is backed by multiple gender studies that go both ways. Females are not often treated equal to men in the workplace, due to an old false belief, that men are superior to women

Men are seen as inferior to women for multiple things, like being sexual deviants, being a great parent, and cleaning. These social injustices happen both ways and must be acknowledged. This is not an article to degrade men or women because we are all equal. To see my point of view, here is a brief history about me. I have three sisters, two that actually go to Ferris, all of which I consider my equal.

My sisters and I are however different, and we embrace the differences. I am a Resident Advisor for Ferris State University, and a junior in the Plastics Engineering program. How do these play a role in this article? Well with the RA position, I play a major role in being a mouthpiece for social injustice and all inclusive language.

I have come to respect everyone, whether they respect me or not. Part of the problem people don’t understand is that as humans we are in charge of confronting each other whether a man or a woman, and as a RA I have learned this.

As a plastic major, I have met multiple women that I consider equal engineers. I am not a writer, not a sociologist, but a plastic major. This just shows that anyone can stand against discrimination, whether for gender, LGTBQIA, race, and the list goes on. That being said I believe we need to stand as people, as a college and much more importantly, as a country.