Artist of the Week

Kilo Kish

Genre: R&B and Rap

Like: Childish Gambino and Ibene Aiko

Kilo Kish is one of the hidden gems of the female R&B and rap scene.

The Florida native got her musical start in Brooklyn when she moved to New York City to go to school for fashion. Though Kish is also a visual artist, painter and fashion designer, she is most widely recognized for her musical contributions.

Kilo Kish’s sexy and angelic voice comes out through her singing and occasional rapping in her songs. Her innocent sound is often at contrast with her songs’ female empowerment themes and the strong male rappers she often collaborates with, such as A$AP Ferg and Childish Gambino.

She has released three full-length albums: Homeschool (2012), K+ (2013), and Across (2014).

I know this is said about a lot of albums, but K+ really is one of those albums you can listen to the whole way though without skipping multiple songs. If you are looking to get a taste of Kilo Kish, I would recommend first listening to “Goldmine,” “Ghost,” and “Love2k” off of K+.

Her first and best single “Navy” off of Homeschool would also be a good song to get you started.

The lyrical content of Kilo Kish’s songs often focuses on emotions, relationships, or Kilo just observing the world around her and making it noteworthy through her charming and soft rapping. Her music is extremely soothing and is perfect to sing along with, do homework to, or unwind after a long day.