Modern Love

Social Media Etiquette

Social media makes it so easy and tempting to share every detail of our lives with the world.

When it comes to relationships, there are some things that are best kept between two people.

Don’t be that person that has to let everyone know when their significant other pissed them off again.

Social media isn’t for airing your dirty laundry and quite frankly, 90 percent of the people on your friends list don’t really care about your relationship problems. As far as the other 10 percent, it’s just as easy to send a text or call one of your good friends to vent as it is to update that status, and exposing your relationship for the entire world to scrutinize.

The best part about these kinds of people is when their overly-opinionated friends have something to say about their relationship and they come back with “well, it’s none of your business” or “you don’t know him/her/our relationship.” Oh, it’s gold.

If you don’t want people poking their noses into your life, then don’t shove it out there for everyone to see whether they want to or not. It’s so simple, yet it happens all the time.

Another reason you should keep the majority of your relationship between you and your partner is because of trust.

If you put half the effort into communicating with your partner as you do with the rest of the world, then maybe you wouldn’t have those problems in the first place.

Whether positive or negative, over-posting about your relationship does nothing but feed your haters. They either develop negative feelings for your significant other or they can’t stand the fact that you won’t shut up about them.

Don’t act like you don’t have that one person on your feed that’s constantly gushing about their current S/O to the extent at which you’re on the verge of barfing up your lunch. It’s annoying and pathetic. Don’t be that person.

It’s no crime to share with friends and family something sweet that your S/O did for you, but there’s this lovely word called “moderation.” Utilize it.

As far as the more heavy situations, just leave that between the both of you. I guarantee none of your Facebook friends are certified relationship counselors.

Newsflash: you don’t have anything to prove to anyone but yourself and your partner. Don’t be a try-hard.