Social media for students

The benefits of networking online

Luke Wyckoff is a Ferris Alumni who is the president of Social Media Energy.
Luke Wyckoff is a Ferris Alumni who is the president of Social Media Energy. Luke Wyckoff
Ferris alumni Luke Wyckoff, President of Social Media Energy, came in to speak to students about the positives of using social media. The main points of his presentation included how social media can be beneficial and the outlook for the future of it.

“I think that Luke’s presentation is quite valuable, and I hope that students took the opportunity to go and check it out, because with social media, I think it’s really important to make sure that you’re fully understanding what you’re doing and using it in the best possible way,” said Social Media Director, Sandy Gholston. “I think the vast majority of people who use social media use it in a positive and productive manner, to use it as a powerful communication tool, to reach a wide range of audiences that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise reach.”

Ghoston continued to say that, despite that users might not enjoy the face-to-face interaction of human communication, the use of social media sites is a great tool to use for less personal forms of communication.

“It’s really a great tool to use to stay in contact with people, to get messages across, and for businesses to communicate with potential customers,” said Ghoston. “Buy and large, it’s used in a very positive manner.”

Social media certainly has its benefits. “Over 50% of people learn about breaking news on social media,” according to The site also says “67% of federal, state and local law enforcement professionals surveyed think social media helps solve crimes more quickly.”

Freshman undecided major Shania Rosenogle said that social media has been beneficial for her. “Social media has been beneficial for me because it has helped me form friendships and document my experiences and adventures. Instead of only having a memory of it, social media gives you that opportunity to be able to share your experience with everyone.”

Despite the benefits of social media, it also has downfalls, from lack of privacy to lack of face-to-face conversation, but when used correctly and in a positive manner, it can be beneficial.

However, some just prefer more direct ways of communication, like sophomore and product design student, Zack Cox. “I personally don’t use social media such as Facebook and Twitter very often. The way I see it, if I want to see everything someone is doing I’ll call or text them. It’s a great tool for staying in contact with people, but a lot of kids our age take it to an extreme.”