DiCaprio and the Oscar

Why my dearest friend deserves his reward

by Patrick King

I love many things on this planet, but there’s one thing, scratch that, there is one man, one who I love and adore the most and that’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

Few may know him as the greatest actor on Earth. Others might say he is a phenomenal individual with a good heart. Personally, I think he is just a man who deserves a damn Oscar. Leo (as his closest friends call him, such as I) has starred in twenty-five plus films and has garnished 53 awards and 127 nominations according to IMDB and what he has personally told me. Amongst all these wins, he has been nominated for an Oscar four times for acting and once for producing. I look at this and wonder, why? Why hasn’t my good friend and brother-in-arms Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar? By the time he wins one, it’ll be posthumous or an “honorary achievement” award, which as we all know is a fat smelly load of dung.

The answer as to why he hasn’t won an Oscar is simple; someone is out to get him. Maybe not someone, but something similar to a conglomerate of sorts, hell bent on destroying this glorious example of a man. This foreign entity probably has agents placed throughout the Academy, waiting in the dark to cast their votes to actors such as Matthew McConaug-hey-hey, Brad “God” Pitt and other obvious inferior actors. When the voting has concluded and the members of the Academy rub their greasy fingers together, they lean back in their $1,000 recliners with scotch in hand. No remorse, no guilt. Nothing. To help end this plague of hatred I’ve composed a list of 10 reasons why Leo deserves this coveted award.

Blood Diamond, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Django Unchained, Revolutionary Road, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Departed, The Aviator, Shutter Island, Inception and The Basketball Diaries

Do you agree with me now? DiCaprites assemble!

Patrick King is a senior in Technical and Professional Communications from Big Rapids, Michigan.