I will be the first to bitch about the appalling cold in Big Rapids.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I picked this school knowing I would likely endure well over 100 feet of snow over the course of my time at Ferris. The bone-chilling temperatures as of late have been exceedingly hard to avoid.

What I will do is call out those of you that are wearing shorts this time of year. You guessed it; I’m not entertained by your lack of pants.

I’m by no stretch a germ freak. Like most human beings, I don’t want the flu. In the words of an influential YouTube sensation “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

It may come as a surprise that dressing poorly for the weather does weaken your immune system. To those of you walking home from Shoots in the wee hours of Sunday morning in your bro-tanks and jorts, stop it. Call a friend. Or call me. I have no issue getting out of bed and designated driving (I charge four bucks a ride).

The one thing that really grinds my gears is when those people get sick because of their poor judgment and still refuse to skip class.

Stop coughing on my back, go back to sleep, it’s your own fault you’re sick. I should not have to pay the price for your lack of common sense.

While I know tuition is expensive and skipping class will put you behind, that’s not my problem.

What makes me the most furious is when I succumb to the flu and realize it’s because some jerk didn’t have the common sense to dress for the weather and didn’t have the courtesy to stay home.

It should just be common courtesy.

Attendance policies prohibit that. We’re already paying to come to school, why are professors requiring us to come to class when we should be self-motivated by our empty bank accounts or the thought of letting our parents down?

We understand professors want us to succeed, but we should not need the security net of an attendance policy. If a student takes advantage of a class with no attendance policy, they should be forced to pay the price. That’s how it works out in the real world.