Soulful Sounds

Ferris Fest 2015 headliners include soul singer and rapper

It has been determined that Grammy nominated singer Mayer Hawthorne and rapper Big K.R.I.T will headline 2015’s installment of Ferris fest.

The committee booked two of their top three choices for performers at the annual on campus music festival after a process that started back in the early fall.

“We did have others in mind but Big K.R.I.T. and Mayer Hawthorne were definitely in our top three,” Ferris Fest coordinator Lola Schultz said.

Hawthorne is a soul singer that was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He performed at the Winter Classic in 2014 where the Detroit Redwings played the Toronto Maple Leafs outdoors at the University of Michigan’s “Big House.” live in front of over 100,000 people and to millions of people all over the world on New Years Day 2014.

Big K.R.I.T., born Justin Scott, is a rapper and record producer from Meridian, Mississippi. The acronym “K.R.I.T.,” stands for “King Remembered in Time,” the name of his 2013 album.

His single “Mayday” was featured in the movie “Gravity,” which won Best Gospel Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Schultz is currently a junior in Music Industry Management, and was put into the position during the Spring of 2014.

“I applied for it and went through the interview process,” Schultz said.

Both K.R.I.T and Hawthorne accepted the first offer that Schultz and the committee proposed.

Prior to taking over as Ferris Fest coordinator, Schultz was the programming director for Entertainment Unlimited.

Before Hawthorne and K.R.I.T. were announced as headliners, rumors about possible performers flew around campus. Speculating the Ferris Fest headliners may be the only thing that has gotten students through the painfully cold recent winter months.

There had been a lot of buzz on campus about who would be performing at Ferris Fest, the day-long spring concert sponsored by Entertainment Unlimited. The event is scheduled for April 25, 2015 in the campus quad in front of FLITE, and rumors flew around prior to the announcement.

“I’ve heard that Ed Sheeran might be performing, and I’ve also heard people say Kris Hitchcock,” Dakota Brandau, a junior lab sciences major said. “Seeing Ed Sheeran at Ferris Fest would make my life.”

Ferris student, David Arnold, has heard similar rumors.

“I overheard someone say that Ed Sheeran or Soulja Boy might be there. I would love if Eminem could come to Ferris Fest but I know that probably won’t happen. It would be cool if The Pussy Cat Dolls could perform,” Arnold, a junior in the professional golf management program said.

Ferris Fest student chair, Lola Schultz had heard the rumors prior to announcing the headliners.

“The contracts had been sent to the performers, but we had to make sure the contracts were signed before we could make an announcement,” Schultz said.

Now that mystery is over. Mayer Hawthorne and Big K.R.I.T. will headline following Karmin and Reel Big Fish from last year.