Four arrested at party

32 ticketed for minor in possession at off-campus gather on Grand Traverse

One person fell through the attic ceiling when a party at 211 East Grand Traverse went wrong.

According to the report, the person that fell through the ceiling was “miraculously uninjured.”

The party, which was broken up in the early hours of February 22, started as a noise complaint. The tenants of the house were arrested and lodged in the county jail for hosting a nuisance party and MIP.

The brief given to the Big Rapids Pioneer states that three were arrested at the party, while Ferris Department of Public Safety Captain James Cook noted that four were arrested in the weekly crime rundown (See On the Record, Page 3).

32 attendants, not including the tenants, were cited for MIP.

The latest statistics from the Ferris Department of Public Safety state that there have been no off-campus liquor law arrests since 2011 when three were arrested for violation of liquor laws (Stats up to 2013).

The on-campus picture is very different in terms of liquor law violations in which people were referred elsewhere for disciplinary action.”

327 were referred for disciplinary action in residential facilities and on-campus for violating liquor laws in 2013 alone.

The house at 211 East Grand Traverse Street is a little over a mile from campus, and Big Rapids Department of Public Safety was on scene first.

Ferris DPS Chief Bruce Borkovich confirmed that Ferris DPS assisted in breaking up the party.

The party was listed with an address in a Facebook event, and Ferris students were confirmed to be at the party.

Further information was deemed unavailable at the present time according to the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety.

Under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, the Torch filed for the release of the documents.

Under the act, Big Rapids DPS has five business days to respond. This is the third FOIA request issued by the Torch since October of 2013.

According to the court, the arrested subjects, whose names will not be reported until confirmed by police documents, will be arraigned on the morning of March 19.