“Those tickets are $63 apiece for the lower bowl,” a Red Wing ticket agent told me over the phone

Eventually, I was going to break journalism’s carnal sin of leading with a quote, (journalism lesson No. 1, don’t lead with a quote).

The game in question happened yesterday, the phone call happened Monday. I made a quick decision and bolted down to Detroit the following day and planned to return that same night.

The idea of just saying, “Let’s just do this and not think about the consequences for a few minutes,” was exhilarating. There are times when we can and should think that way.

The idea of instant gratification is always going to appease me on some level, I’m not going to lie about that.

Next week, I’ll probably be a little low on food money. Today, I’m probably a zombie in class. I have a lot of things due that I’ve pushed back a little too far.

I weighed beforehand, is it worth it?

For some of you, that Wings ticket holds no value, and that’s fine. Everyone has that one thing that they’ll drop almost anything to do.

The biggest problem is that it seems like people are terrified at leaping on the opportunity.

“My grades will suffer,” or “I have too much to do.”

Now comes the next sin I said I’d never commit: YOLO.

Guess what? The Wings could never return to the playoffs again. (Disclaimer: The Wings are never going to miss the playoffs because Hockeytown).

On the extremely off chance they never go again, I don’t want to be sitting here 10 years from now saying, “Man, I really missed that opportunity to see them one last time because I was concerned about my Communication Theory exam.”

If Ferris Bueller got one thing right, it’s that life moves really fast. So keep up.

YOLO, and peace out.