Feelin’ the Bern

There are three reasons why Bernie Sanders is my candidate: his grassroots background, the liberal tone of his campaign and the change he seeks is what we need. Also, have you ever seen an old man in an ugly sweater holding a cat? Your eyes won’t forget and your heart will cry. Despite the way he pulls at youthful issues and heartstrings, Bernie Sanders is the missing piece in the puzzle of making America great again.

First, Sanders’ grassroots involvement is reassuring. Grassroots movements are important as they are driven by the community. According to Native CDFI Network, grassroots campaigns are often at local levels. Why is this important? This is a credibility point for Sanders, since grassroots campaigns seek out as many volunteers from the community as they can. More community involvement, more solidarity in a community. So Sanders’ background is colored with community outreach.  A true for-the-people, by-the-people, down-to-earth gentleman.

Whose who really know about Sanders know he’s down for the progressive cause. He is a breath of fresh air compared to the strict, tense, hostile tone of Capitol Hill. According to the Washington Post, there are reasons we shouldn’t just call him a liberal. For the most part, Sanders remains middle ground in the decisions he makes. In this way, he encourages bipartisanship among our hostile lawmakers—a crucial happenstance. His political agenda is one that Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians can find themselves agreeing to. However, Sanders is mostly a socialist and works to bring social welfare issues, terrorism and education onto the forefront of America’s concern.

Third, Sanders is the change we need to make America great again. My main reason for asserting this is his position on peace and war.

Sanders said, “We must move away from policies that favor unilateral military action and preemptive war, and that make the United States the de facto policeman of the world.”

He understands the relevancy of necessary justice, but also doesn’t want America involved in so many wars. In this light, Sanders is a true voice for peace that many of our previous presidents have overlooked in their pursuit of greatness. To make America great again, Sanders will work towards dismantling wealth inequality and fighting for a livable wage; he advocates for a political scene that doesn’t involve big money scams. Sanders also represents veteran rights; he believes that taking care of the men and women we send off to war is a priority.

As you’ve read, there are many reasons why people are feelin’ the Bern lately. Not only is it a catchy phrase, but Bernie Sanders just happens to represent the diverse needs of Americans. Ultimately, Sanders has my vote this upcoming election because his main platform envisions a greater America than we’ve seen before. His ideas and plans for this country boil down to one crucial value that we could all use more of: democracy.

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