Letter to the Editor: Dylan Tantalo

While it has been a rewarding opportunity serving as a senator for the 2015 – 2016 school year, I am looking forward to serving as the Student Government President this upcoming year. I would like to start off by thanking not only my campaign committee for their hard work and endless support during the election, but also the student body for their participation in the voting process.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Dylan Tantalo. I am from Owosso, Michigan. I am graduating this spring with my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. I will be returning in the fall pursuing my Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

I am passionate about bringing change to Student Government, and ultimately, the campus at large, as I feel it is our purpose to do so. I have been fortunate enough to work with dozens of students this year who have various backgrounds and who share the same vision as me in terms of bringing positive, productive change. As I expressed during the campaign, there are two main areas we will focus on: internal operations and external operations, which will both change the dynamics of the organization.

Internally, we will be focusing our efforts to ensure the new member process is transparent; holding members accountable for their participation in events and duties; creating and promoting events and activities through our social media platforms; ensuring we follow true to our mission statement and values; and finally, keeping our focus and understanding our purpose as an organization who represents the students.

Externally, our efforts will be focused on collaboration with more student organizations on campus; promoting the benefits and opportunities available to all students and the importance of involvement; ensuring communication and transparency; and lastly, sponsoring events that impact students on a larger scale.

None of this can be done alone. For our goals to be accomplished, participation and involvement is needed. I encourage my fellow students to join me and the general assembly next year in fulfilling this vision.

The following individuals will be joining me on this endeavor as members of my cabinet: Josh Olszewski, Vice President; Patrick Maloney, Treasurer; Katie Nimtz, Public Relations Director; Sarah Pirrami, Director of Internal Assessment; and Levi Cipcic, Parliamentarian. The Director of Finance, Director of Operations, and Administrative Assistant positions are currently being interviewed.

I am looking forward to the opportunity in serving as the Student Government President next year, and once again, I would like to express my thanks to those who have made this possible.