Start summer with a BANG

BANGS shoes provides opportunities to students

The name BANGS comes from the Chinese character for “help,” which is what the company strives to do through outreach and philanthropy. Promotional Photo

While students ponder whether to spend their summer relaxing or working, BANGS Shoes provides an opportunity to do both.

With a focus on adventure, encouragement and connection, BANGS Shoes founder Hannah Davis is passionate about affecting social change and gaining Ferris student involvement.

“You basically get a discount on our shoes for running around and taking pictures of your adventures in them,” BANGS Shoes Public Relations Specialist Mari Meier said.

By hand-selecting the entrepreneurs that receive a donation, businesses are given the chance to grow, allowing the local economy to grow in return. Investing 20 percent of their profits to entrepreneurs around the globe, 600 entrepreneurs have been helped in 63 countries.

“What’s unique about BANGS Shoes is that we focus on helping people help themselves,” Davis said.

BANGS Shoes gives students an opportunity to boost their resume by joining the Brand Ambassador program. Ferris television and digital media production junior Lauren Stefl is one student who has experienced the benefits, shoe discounts and an opportunity for networking.

“I’ve met so many people that I’ve bonded with and gotten to know from all over the country and even some parts of the world,” Stefl said.

Since becoming an ambassador for BANGS Shoes, Stefl was able to travel to California and Texas while she worked on a documentary film. Stefl also designed a shirt that’s currently sold on their website, as well as getting involved in mentor programs and internships.

“I am also now a marketing intern for BANGS,” Stefl said. “It is unpaid like most internships but I get to work closely with Hannah and the fellow marketing interns, trying to figure out what is best for the company and what we want to post and promote.”

There are three terms a year to apply to become a brand ambassador, although the summer applications closed during the first week of May.

“People spend too much time trying to make sure everything looks perfect on paper and in their heads,” Davis said. “If you have an idea and you’re really passionate about it, start taking action today. You will progress.”

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