2007 Staff List

James O’Gorman – Editor in Chief

Ebony Franklin – News Editor and Office Staff

Jalena Strayer – News Editor

Megan Tower – A&E Editor and Ad Layout

Mo McNeil – Sports Editor

Thomas Wilson – Opinions Editor

Paul Jarema – Production Manager

Leslie Gilbert – Production and Photographer

Jen Becker – Copy Editor and Reporter

Katie Hammond – Copy Editor and Reporter

Kelsey Schnell – Copy Editor and Reporter

Kevin Breen – Cartoonist and Reporter

Charles Reppuhn – Graphic Design

Scott Carmichael – Website Editor

Justin Jackson – Website Editor and Reporter

Ben Kramer – Photo Editor

Kristyn Sonnenberg – Photographer

Megan Coady – Reporter

Christine Giesler – Reporter

Thaddeus Gommesen – Reporter

Nakira Howard – Reporter and Office Staff

Annette Jarman – Reporter

Alyssa Martuch – Reporter

Shane Trejo – Reporter

Jeffrey Wandell – Reporter

Kala Willette – Reporter

Joshua Wyzgoski – Reporter

Laura Anger – Business Manager

Mike Fleming – Ad Layout Manager

Biz Arroyo – Ad Layout

Andy Donaldson – Advertising Rep

Max Kantar – Advertising Rep

DJ Melvin – Advertising Rep

Derek Price – Distribution

Matthew Small – Distribution

Bryce Johnson – Office Staff

Kala Willette – Office Staff

Dennis Ruzicka – Faculty Adviser