BREAKING NEWS: Gun reported near North Hall

Photo by: Keith Salowich | Web Supervisor

UPDATE: December 2, 2017 –  7:41 pm
According to a new emergency alert sent by Ferris DPS at approximately 7:35 pm, the shelter in place protocol has been lifted as there is no immediate threat to campus safety. 


UPDATE: December 2, 2017 – 7:11 pm
Ferris Senior in the architecture and sustainability program, as well as Senior Resident Advisor in North Hall, Corey Nicols shared some insight into the role of housing staff during a lockdown situation.

“Continuous rounds are in place to make sure that all residents are safe on the floors and so the reason why we’re here is to keep the residents safe,” said Nicols. “That is a reason why a Resident Advisor is a Resident Advisor, to make sure they’re safe in all aspects of life. And so, in an active shooters case, we need to make sure that everyone is out of the halls, in their rooms or out of the building, regardless of the situation.”

According to Nicols, continuous rounds mean that housing staff members are constantly roving the hallways until the situation has passed.

“We are doing our best to put the fire out, I guess you could say. There are a multitude of DPS officers here right now and we’re continually sending all our residents back to their rooms or out of the building and as far as  I am concerned, everybody is safe,” said Nicols.

Furthermore, DPS has confirmed that all buildings are on lockdown including residents halls, the university center and the student recreation center.

According to Dylan Tantalo at Ferris dispatch there is no immediate or specific threat, these actions are just a precaution.


UPDATE: December 2, 2017 – 6:52 pm
Ferris Senior in the architecture and sustainability program, as well as Senior Resident Advisor in North Hall, Corey Nicols was involved in the initial report of the gun. 

As so far as I know, at 2 p.m. there was a Snapchat taken with a resident and a guest,” said Nicols. “The guest had a gun within the picture; the screenshot was sent onto me and then from there we contacted the hall directors on duty, RA’s on duty, and also DPS as well, and this is where we are right now.”

Additionally, there has been an update on the Ferris home page with the information that has already been released as well as the following:

“There are no specific threats and Ferris police are searching for the person who posed with the gun. As a precautionary measure, the University Center, the Student Recreation Center and all residence halls are in the process of being locked down.”

Nicols went on to detail what he saw in the Snapchat and what lead him to believe it was taken in North Hall.

I identified the room that they’re in as a bathroom of North Hall, seeing that we have probably  the most unique bathroom set up,” said Nicols. “It was easily, you know, identifiable. Also within the photo were two people. One being the resident and one being the guest. The resident was unarmed, just holding the phone, while the guest did have the gun up in the picture.”

Nicols said he believed the weapon in the Snapchat was a handgun. 

Ferris freshman and North Hall resident Brittany Wendt was shaken when she received the emergency alert.

“When I first received the text message I was shocked and I ran to my roommate and asked if she got the emergency text,” said Wendt. “We were really nervous so we closed our windows and locked our doors.”

Ferris DPS is still unavailable for comment. 


December 2, 2017 – 6:17 pm
At approximately 5:50 pm an emergency alert was sent to Ferris students with the following message: 

“Report of Man with gun around North Residence Hall. Secure in Place.”

This was followed by another alert at approximately 6:10 pm, which said:

“Snap Chat photo at 2pm of male with a gun possibly on campus. No specific threat.”

As of now Ferris Department of Public Safety as well as Michigan State Police are on the scene but have not been available to comment. Updates to follow, please stay tuned. 


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