Caught in the act

University responds to numerous counts of academic misconduct

Article by: Grant Siddal and Megan Lewton | Torch Staff

As many as 80 Ferris students and student athletes are in hot water after being caught cheating in a business class. 

The Office of Student Conduct is currently handling the case, according to Ferris News Services and Social Media Manager, Sandy Gholston. Gholston also added that the cheating, which took place in multiple sections of a class, is the largest ever incident of cheating that the university is aware of. 

“The university is committed to a thorough review, to due process for the students alleged to be involved, and will take the appropriate action when the review and resulting process is complete for each of the students,” Gholston said. 

Ferris’ Academic Dishonesty Policy does not list specific punishments for cheating other than failing the course, which can be appealed by writing to the department head. The student’s appeal will be given to the instructor, who will respond in writing after which the department head will inform the parties of his or her decision. 

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