Student thoughts on the strike

“This being my first year on campus, I found it surprising that these issues couldn’t get solved prior to the first day of class. I do believe that
the teachers should be fighting for what they want but I don’t believe it should’ve been at the students’ expense.”
-Ferris veterinary science
junior Megan Fox

“My classes were canceled. I showed up and just had to sign in and honestly it was pretty frustrating for me because I’m here and I’ve already paid to go to school. I kind of felt like they were wasting my money.”
–Ferris pre-med senior
Andrea Gallagher

“I’m a little annoyed but I’m kind of with them protesting to get what they want. I’d like to join them.”
-Ferris environmental
biology sophomore Cole

“I was happy that they were standing up for themselves in a calm but firm manner. They were out of the way of students and didn’t get into
people’s face about it so I thought they were very mature about the situation and good examples to the students witnessing it all.”
-Ferris pre-pharmacy
junior Samantha

“It’s kind of annoying but as long as I’m not affected credit-wise, then I’m still getting my money’s worth.”
-Ferris pre-pharmacy
junior Ali Barakat