Divided Opinions

Which is better, Netflix or Hulu?

By: Veronica Mascorro | Interim Reporter


Last year, my parents canceled their cable and instead purchased all of the streaming platforms. It costs them significantly less and gave us the option to watch so many shows. And after using platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, I can say that without a doubt Netflix is the best streaming platform available.

Netflix overall has more options than Hulu, and they upload all types of shows and movies to watch every month. Additionally, you can download different TV shows and movies so that you can view them on the go. With this feature, you can cheat Netflix’s two screen limit. I discovered this while my mom was watching “Gilmore Girls” and while my little sister was watching “Trolls.” I saw the download button and, lo and behold, all three of us could watch what we wanted at the same time. Hulu, on the contrary, doesn’t even give you the option to download episodes of TV shows or movies.

I love watching content with subtitles on. My parents are non-native English speakers, and by watching movies or shows in English with the subtitles in Spanish, they have been able to improve their English. Because of this, I grew accustomed to subtitles and can’t watch a show without them. On Hulu, there is a limited amount of shows that offer subtitles in other languages. Netflix, however, provides a countless amount of shows that have subtitles in Spanish and loads of other languages. And while we’re on the topic of content that is available in Spanish, Hulu’s options of Latin American TV shows and movies are very limited, while Netflix has a multitude of Latin American TV shows and movies.

Hulu’s price point starts at $5.99, and that’s very cheap; however, because it is so cheap, you have to suffer through advertisements. You can remove ads, but then you’re paying $11.99. Netflix’s price point starts at $8.99 and is already ad-free; however, only one screen can watch. For a few dollars more, you can upgrade your plan to include two or even four screens. $15.99 is a lot for only one person but, because it comes with four screens, you could easily share your Netflix with three other people and split the price four ways.

The original content that I’ve seen on Netflix is way better than what is offered on Hulu. With Netflix, you can binge watch all the episodes of your favorite series right away. With Hulu originals, you have to wait a week for the next episode; at this point, it basically feels like you’re watching cable. Netflix offers you shows like “Stranger Things” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” high-quality shows that pull you right after the first episode. So far, there hasn’t been a single Hulu Original show that has pulled me in like the way Netflix Originals do, but then again, maybe it all comes down to taste.

Overall, I enjoy using both Netflix and Hulu because each has its perks. But, if I had to choose between the two, I would always choose Netflix.

By: Marissa Russell | Interim Reporter


As a frequent binge watcher, I know which streaming site is better. It’s Hulu.

I used to be solely dedicated to Netflix for my four years in high school. I believed there was no better site to watch my favorite TV shows. I knew what all was on Netflix and my list was a mile long.

But then I started to experiment. My mom got Amazon Prime, and I looked around on there at different shows and movies they offered. It wasn’t much, but they had old “SpongeBob” episodes so I was content for a while.

After Amazon Prime, my boyfriend and I investigated Hulu. We like to watch new and different shows, and Netflix just wasn’t offering us anything fresh. We decided to try a one-month free trial, and it changed my life. There were so many new shows and movies for me to gorge on. And they had something very significant that Netflix didn’t. They had some TV shows that when they premiered, say on Wednesday night, would show up on Hulu the next night, Thursday. This was a game changer. I loved “Law and Order: SVU” with a passion, but hated having to try and watch new episodes on cable. But Hulu gives me the freedom to be able to watch the newest episodes whenever I want. Netflix also only has the 18 seasons available for subscribers to watch, while Hulu has every season available. There is also “The Bachelor,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Modern Family” and so many more. None of these shows are available on Netflix.

Hulu’s cost is cheap too. My boyfriend and I split the cost which ends up being about $6 a month for no ads. With Hulu, you can also upgrade your subscription to have channels like HBO, Starz and Showtime for varying prices. This cuts the cost of having cable and makes it a lot cheaper. Now that Hulu uploads my ongoing TV shows within a day, I hardly ever watch traditional TV.

Netflix still has a small portion of my heart. Every once in a while, I look around to see what new shows they have put out; it’s usually only Netflix Originals. But when it comes down to what I would recommend to a friend in need, it’d be Hulu without a doubt.