COLUMN: New semester, new me

If I put this in writing, I have to follow through, right?

There are lots of things I wish I had done to make my academics in college easier.

For my last semester of college I am going to create myself some New Semester’s Resolutions that I will hopefully follow, I am hoping that if I put my thoughts out into the world, they will manifest into reality.

1. Actually read my textbooks

I always intend to read my text books, I get them and then get out my notebooks and highlighters to take very attentive notes. Typically, I get through five pages or so and then resort to skimming the text and taking worse notes and then I finally flip to the end of the chapter and read the summary.

2. Start my homework the night it was assigned

I am notorious for waiting until midnight the day before my assignments are due. If I would at least start my assignments the day it was assigned to me it would give me a leg up when I have to do it last minute.

3. Make more flashcards

I used to make flashcards all the time when I was younger. And coincidentally, I had better grades when I did. Every year I purchase more index cards to start my journey to better class work ethic.

4. Reread my notes after class

I remember a teacher in high school telling me that you retain a lot more information for the long run. I can hunker down each night and reread what I learned.

5. Start studying for exams more than 2 days before

In the good old days also known as elementary school, the teachers would give out study guides with exactly what to study. My parents always told me I had to study for at least two days before the test to prepare myself. This is not elementary school anymore…I definitely have to study more than two nights for my exams.

Now I have never been known to keep my New Year’s Resolutions for very long, but this semester I am going to be vigilant in keeping up with my studies. Now I need everyone to please keep me faithful to my resolutions, if you see me not studying please yell at me. Senioritis is real and I am really hoping to get rid of the funk I am in to make sure that I keep my head up and finish strong.