Raid Area 51

What’s going on Friday, Sept. 20?

The long awaited Area 51 raid is on the way, and Sept. 20 is going to be a date to remember.

Area 51 is a highly classified American Air Force facility located in Nevada. It’s been most commonly joked to hold alien technologies. Being as it is a top secret facility, few people truly know.

A Facebook event was revealed this summer as a result of this old mystery.

In late June, a 20-year-old posted an event on Facebook called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All.” This event went viral within a few days of being posted and became a worldwide meme. By mid-July, over 1 million people marked themselves as attending this event.

Many people are hoping it is just a joke and people will not actually show up because of safety concerns for everyone involved.

“It’s a government facility, you don’t play around there.” Ferris digital animation and game design freshman Sam Robey said.

However, there are a lot of hotels already booked and people have taken time off from their activities to attend the raid.

“I think people will show up and I think it will be more of a demonstration than going through with it.” Ferris pre-nursing senior Colin Dorn said.

Especially as a public event, the government will likely be taking it more seriously than many people are hoping.

“I don’t think this is something to be dying over,” Ferris English junior Cor Hounshell said.

Whether students decide to stay on campus or partake in the event, stay safe and aware, Bulldogs!

Do you believe in aliens?

“Not really but mainly because I find it strange that NASA knows what’s in space and not in our oceans.” – Ferris software engineering junior Tanner Blhan

“I believe in alternate forms of life off Earth because of water sources found on other planets.” – Ferris supply chain sophomore Dylan Wright

“Probably, because of the amount of space there is in the universe that we can’t see.” – Ferris information security and intelligence freshman Jacob Brown

“No, I don’t. I have no reason to believe they exist.” – Ferris pre-pharmacy freshman Brett White

“I do believe in aliens. I was convinced after watching the movie ‘E.T.’” – Ferris sports communications freshman John Maday

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