Going Greek

The truth behind Greek life

Some students might start out skeptical on whether Greek life is right for them, but Ferris social work junior Brooke Cunningham knew from the start it was her destiny.

“I always joke around and tell everyone that there’s some people who come to college to start their career and pursue their academic dreams, but I came to college to join a sorority,” Cunningham said. “Obviously, I came to college for academic purposes as well, but I signed up for recruitment before I even signed up for my classes.”

Cunningham, a member of Alpha Xi Delta, believes that her college experience has been transformed through Greek life. “Whether I’m struggling with classes or struggling with time management or anything like that, it’s so much different having friends and having sisters who hold me accountable. If everyone is going out and doing something and they know I have an exam the next day, they’ll ask me ‘What are you doing here?’ and stuff like that. No matter what I’m going through, they don’t judge me and they support me and I can just rely on them for anything” Cunningham said.

Ferris physical therapy and psychology sophomore James Kendrick, a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, has had a similar experience.

“I’m definitely way more out there. Through Lambda Chi Alpha, they’ve encouraged me to join other RSOs, do more things on campus and do community service,” Kendrick said. “The whole brotherhood thing might seem like a joke when you first think about it, but then you join and I’ve never been closer to anyone compared to these guys.”

Kendrick has made connections all over, rather than just making connections at Ferris.

“I went to Western last year and when I went to Lambda Chi Alpha there, they treated me like their own brother. It’s cool to know that I’m connected to people not only at Ferris, but also all throughout the country,” Kendrick said.

Greek life has its misconceptions, but Ferris pre-pharmacy junior and Alpha Sigma Tau member Marlena Gorno believes they’re far from true.

“One of the misconceptions that I really hate is that they think we’re unintelligent. They think that we’re bubble heads or airheads that don’t know what we’re doing, but we in our sororities all over campus have future doctors, future pharmacists, future optometrists, future politicians, the leaders of America for our future. We are so much more than what they see. We’re educated and have so many goals and dreams and we are going to accomplish them in the future. I think that’s what they don’t see, the ambition behind it,” Gorno said.

Despite leaving campus in a few years, Cunningham knows that she has forged a bond that will last a life time.

“I’m still going to be a sister of Alpha Xi Delta for the rest of my life. Whether I’m at work or at a restaurant, I can meet sisters and make connections,” Cunningham said. “I think that it will not only help me with my career and leadership skills, but it’ll help me connect with people. In the long run, this organization has set me up for my future entirely.”

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