Making connections

What is the best part of being a part of Greek Life?

“One of the biggest things that I love is the brotherhood. Obviously, everyone that joins a fraternity is for the brotherhood, but it’s different for us. The reason why I say that is because of how small we are. We currently have six active brothers on campus, but that doesn’t stop us from making an impact on campus. We’re meant to be small on purpose. We get to know one another on a very personal level. For example, I could tell you everyone’s life story, that is how close we are to one another making unbreakable bond[s]. Quality over quantity; I’m truly blessed to call all my fraternity brothers ‘brothers’ for the rest of my life.” – Ferris criminal justice junior and Sigma Lambda Beta President Leonardo Almanza

“The best part about being in a fraternity is all the connections you make both socially and professionally. Over the past two years I have made lifelong friendships and professional networks. I also was hired into my internship partially because of my experience in the fraternity.” – Ferris computer information technology junior and Lambda Chi Alpha President Josh Bertz

“The best part of joining a fraternity is the brotherhood you get when you join. You immediately get to know a bunch of guys and can reach out to any of them for help with anything going on in your lift.” – Ferris criminal justice senior and Sigma Phi Epsilon member Michael MacGregor

“I feel anytime I need help, I can rely on my brothers. They help me so much with everything in life. I feel like they are my new home away from. I think everyone should experience this type of friendship and family atmosphere.” – Ferris psychology senior and Phi Sigma Kappa member Karl Hite

“Because my fraternity is a professional instead of social one, I feel like I get a lot of it. It will help me with future careers and networking. I have also made friends with people that have the same goals in life. My fraternity has opened so many potential options for me and I’m so thankful for that.” – Ferris criminal justice junior and Gamma Epsilon Delta member Emma Bossenbroek

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