Got free time?

How students spend their spare time

Graphic by: William Byrd | Production Assistant

Article by: Abbey Wood and Grant Siddall | Torch Reporter and News Editor

College students have always been subject to busy schedules, but the way they spend their free time has changed.

A 2017 UCLA study found that in addition to working, the most common free time activities included socializing with friends in person, browsing social media, exercising or doing sports, studying, participating in clubs, doing household duties, and partying.

“I usually spend my free time playing golf, hanging out with friends or buying and selling clothes,” Ferris marketing junior Lucas Ferriell said.

Compared to their parents’ generation, students now spend more time partying and studying than their parents did.

According to the study, 58.4% of students reported that they spend six or more hours socializing each week. Comparatively, 41.4% of students said they spend no time partying, while just 9.6% reported partying more than six hours per week.

Contrary to those who spend significant time socializing and partying, many other students use their spare time to get involved on campus and to study. While 1.9% of students reported that they spend no time studying, 49.7% said they spend six or more hours studying each week.

The majority of students also reported at least some time spent participating in a club. Nearly 84% of students reported that they participate in club activities for at least one hour per week.

“In my free time, I enjoy volunteering or hanging out with friends,” hospitality management senior Maddy Tollstam said.