Divided opinions

To party or not to party?

Hell yass

By Marissa Russell | Torch Reporter

While it may have a bad reputation, partying is a great stress relief for many college students. For most of my life I stayed home and read books about different teenagers going out living their best lives, feeling content in my own little bubble. It wasn’t until I started hanging out with new people over the summer that I realized how much fun going out was.

The best part about parties is that there are different kinds. For someone who is not that into crowds, like me, can go to small house parties with a few friends and be able to let loose. But people who are more daring than myself can get wild at bars and fraternities. There are so many different parties around Big Rapids that can interest anyone. From dancing at Shooters to sharing a beer during beer pong, going out is a huge part of being in college. Going out to parties can be good for your health also. It allows your brain to stop stressing over school and work. It gets you out of the house and lets you stop overthinking about homework and tests. Now don’t get me wrong, school is very important and nobody should prioritize partying over school. But going out and letting loose every once in a while can help get through the school year without pulling your hair out.

Going out to parties can help you meet new people and network. Partying can help you make new friends with people you would have never meet if you stayed locked inside your room. This allows you to make connects that can help in future endeavors, like trying to find jobs or internships.

As long as you’re safe and know party etiquette, like not bringing three guys to a fraternity party, then going out can do no harm. Let loose this semester and find some new friends that have similar party interests.

Heck no

By Austin Arquette | Torch Reporter

Being a college student has its ups and downs, but those who party 24/7 or hate on people who don’t party should think about it first.

Not partying is far better not only for your well-being but it’s cheaper than going out to party. Not to mention, just going to a party is a waste of time. Now you can ask how is not partying more fun or cheaper and I will tell you why. Being at a party and having so many people around you acting like hooligans or just being plain stupid whether they are drunk or not isn’t fun for anyone. Everyone has a tolerance level of how much stupidity they can handle.

On the money side of not partying I believe it’s way cheaper not to party on the basis of having more money in your pocket. All the expenses if you host a party adds up quickly. Even if you go to the party free, you still need a way to the party so you’ll pay gas money. If ANYTHING goes wrong at the party, then you pay for it in some sort of way. All actions have consequences and most parties have some sort of issue.

Any little thing could go in the wrong direction and you would have to live with that consequence for the rest of your life, not to mention you are ending years of your life with the stupid things people do at parties. If you aren’t partying with someone you trust and wind up needing to trust an absolute stranger things get sketchy because you have NO idea what could happen at that point. We don’t live in a sunshine and rainbow world. There are nasty and cruel people, and I hate to say that but it’s the truth. Everyone knows the stupid things people do at parties so I won’t waste my time listing them all, but the general fact is we all know it’s bad for you and will eventually wind up killing you in the end.

I personally find partying to be overrated, but that does not mean I judge others for doing it nor will I ever. Not everyone goes out and wants to party, and that is okay. Everyone says if you don’t party you are lame or boring or even a loner and that is just a load of garbage. I can have my own fun being sober at home alone watching a movie or kicking back playing a good video game.

Partying is essentially just a way for people to get out and embarrass themselves, but they also wind not remembering half the party. I get people are free to do their own thing and that completely okay. You do you, just don’t be stupid. There are a million other things you can do besides partying whether it’s by yourself or with your friends you can do so much more and probably have a better time than being at a party. Let’s face it 99% of the time the party dies quickly, and you get bored and just want to leave and be with your friends. Yes, there are the parties that never stop and go on until the next morning but honestly those are the parties when the most things that could go wrong wind up happening.

I truly believe that Ted Mosby said it best from How I Met Your Mother, “when its 2 a.m. just go to sleep … nothing good happens after 2 a.m.”