Last minute Halloween costumes

When it’s Oct. 30 and you don’t have a costume yet

With Halloween just around the corner, many students are stressed out by midterms, so the idea of Halloween costumes can be a relaxing break.

However, while dressing up can be fun and relaxing, it is also stressful when money is involved. How can a person beat the stress and dress to impress?

Shopping on a budget!

Here are some easy do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank.

Smarty Pants: Anyone love a good pun? Here’s a super sweet costume idea.

What is needed:

– Jeans

– Smarties candies

– Hot Glue

How to create:

– First, place your jeans on a safe surface.

– Warm the hot glue until ready to apply.

– Place small dots all over jeans and glue Smarties to them. Be careful: when glue is too hot, it will melt the candies.

Cat: Ever wanted to have an excuse to be able to knock things over without consequence? Here it is.

What is needed:

– Fake cat tail

– Fake cat ears

– Makeup for cat face

How to create:

– Draw cat-like nose on tip of your nose. Add whiskers and as many details as wanted or necessary.

– Put on cat ears and tails.

Skeleton: Everyone has a skeleton inside of them. It’s time to let that boney critter out!

What is needed:

– Black and white makeup

– Skeleton leggings and gloves

– Clothing of any style

How to create:

– Create a trace of bone structure on face in white and color the rest black.

– Put on skeletal accessories.

– Finish with clothing over the skeletal accessories.

– Skeleton clothing can be either purchased or created with markers and/or paint.