What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

“Every year, my dad made my Halloween costume and I remember how cool I felt dressed up as the character Link from the Legend of Zelda. I didn’t ever care about the candy; my favorite thing was when people recognized who I was dressed up as. I could be a nerd and no one judged me.” – Ferris secondary education junior Savannah Torrey

“I would say my favorite Halloween memory would be getting dressed up with my younger siblings. They would always let me do their face paint or makeup, whichever the costume called for. There was one year my brother was a skeleton and my sister was a witch.” – Ferris elementary education senior Alicia Harvill

“Probably my first one with my daughter. We went trick or treating; she was a dalmatian that year. We didn’t go far because she was only a month old, but we went to my parents’ and my grandparents’ and my mom put a little Milk Bone on her pacifier so she looked super adorable.” – Ferris social work junior Autumn Sherwood

“My first Halloween, I dressed as a cat — I think I was 10 — and we went out and generally had a good time. There was this little boy — maybe like five or six — handing out candy. When he walked by, there was about four bowls full of candy with him. His mom went inside for some reason and when we came back, he just dumped the whole bowl into each one of our bags. Then his mom came out and said ‘No no no no,’ but she let us keep the candy. So that was pretty fun.” – Ferris digital animation and game design junior Andy Mindy

“I went to Traverse City with my friends to this haunted house called ‘Things in the Dark,’ and they had haunted pole barns and corn mazes and it was super scary.” – Ferris marketing freshman Caroline Cook