Torch confessions

Do as I say, not as I do

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am terrible at applying for jobs.

Let me give you some context. I am graduating in December and have been applying for jobs like crazy. If a job has the word “marketing” or “communications” in it, you can bet I have applied for it.

I was perusing the job board sites one night and found two jobs I wanted to apply for: one for a copy writing position and another for an office manager position.

I was updating my cover letter for the writing position and was super proud of how it ended up. Without a second thought, I entered my information, uploaded my resume and cover letter and hit apply.

Just a few seconds later, I received a confirmation email, and to my dismay, it was from the office manager job…

I was so embarrassed.

Now, this isn’t the first time I messed up applying for a job. The first position I applied for sounded right up my alley. It felt like I was the person they were looking for and would have the job in the bag. I sent in the application, looked back at my cover letter and realized I spelled something wrong in the first sentence.

I know, everyone makes mistakes and it can be forgiven, but of all places to make a mistake, a job application is not one I want to make.

I only have a few more weeks in Big Rapids before I move out and it was a goal of mine to find a full-time position somewhere right out of school so I wouldn’t have to worry about bills or insurance or anything. I’ve actively avoided being an adult pretty much my whole college career and now reality is hitting me.

In retrospect, the stress of graduating and trying to get my resume out in the world is probably the cause of me making all these dumb mistakes.

I have to keep reminding myself that everything will work out in the end and those messed up applications won’t matter. If anything, it’s kind of funny. But right now, it really sucks. Imagine being that office manager job and receiving my application for a position that is VERY different from what you were expecting.

So kids, please learn something from my stupidity. Double check literally EVERYTHING on your job application before sending it in. Read your cover letter out loud and take your resume to the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services. If you’re customizing them to each position you are applying for, please, for the love of God, remember to make sure you are submitting the right documents.

Next time, I know I will.