RSO’s Re-Engage with Caution

How RSO’s are impacted and how they are handling the pandemic

The pandemic has changed the routine of every Ferris student on campus, greek RSO’s especially have experienced enormous change compared to years past.

Ferris’ rules and guidelines regarding COVID-19 have been reconsidered in recent weeks. Nevertheless, the university is sticking to its standard of protecting students by monitoring social events.

“Any event indoors requires a mask, and no events will be [allowed] indoors with alcohol,” President of the Intrafraternity Council James Kendrick said. “Greek life has to be creative and utilize the outside spaces that they have available at the moment.”

According to Kendrick, this could pose a problem for greek life with the cold Michigan winter. Despite this, he has faith in the organizations on campus and their ability to do what is right.

“I think as an organization we have done a great job with providing masks and making people fill out their symptom checker, as well as all the basic things we need for the events we have,” Marlene Muscat, President of Alpha Xi Delta, said. “The university has done well with their restrictions and keeping up with the state; letting us know when we can have food and when we are at capacity for events.”

According to the University Re-Engagement Guide, avoiding large gatherings, wearing a mask and using the daily symptom checker is a great way to slow the spread on campus. In spite of this, students seem eager to participate in outdoor social events like tailgating. Most do little to nothing to protect themselves, or others, from the pandemic.

“Greek life is already doing great being leaders,” Kendrick said. “I have seen a lot of masks with their organization represented on them, and I love to see it. No one likes wearing a mask, but greek life is just doing the best they can to make the best of it, and I would encourage the rest of the student body to do the same. Vaccination comes down to political standpoints and views, but everyone can wear a mask.”

Being virtual last year was difficult for greek organizations. Muscat expressed a disconnection between herself and her fellow sisters at Alpha Xi Delta. For that reason, she and most Ferris students can agree: it is good to be back in person.

“Obviously, the struggle of being virtual is a lack of connection, especially after it being normal to see your sisters regularly on a daily basis,” Marina St. Louis, Vice President of Alpha Sigma Tau, said. “I’m so glad we are back in person. It feels so fresh and [reviving] to see these girls again.”

The Student Re-Engagement Guide expresses that students may feel trepidatious or underlying angst returning to in person schooling, however, this feeling is normal and should pass with time.

For more information on the university’s guidelines for RSO’s, as well as students and staff in general, visit the Ferris State website under Student Re-Engagement Guide or the RSO Re-Engagement Chart.