The Woodbridge haunting

As I step out into the cold, dark campus my hair stands up on the back of my neck. As the rustling of fallen leaves puts me on edge I make a mental note to myself to not take any more late shifts.

I am making my way toward the Flite library when I see it. Actually it’s not what I see, it’s what I don’t see. In front of me stands a empty stone pedestal, where the Woodbridge statue should be.

Before I know it, I am running. Everyone knows that theres only one reason Woodbridge leaves his pedestal. He’s after a students school spirit. Everyone is warned that during the month of October you shouldn’t be walking around campus at night with Ferris merch.

I curse myself for my outfit choice today. I wasn’t thinking when I grabbed my Ferris scarf before I left, I was cold.

I am running so fast I hardly notice the stairs going up the music building. Before I know it I am on the ground, I can hear his heavy footsteps on the sidewalk behind me.

I say my silent goodbyes as I hear him getting closer, my world goes black.

I shoot up out of bed, cold sweat running down my face. I am safe, it’s just a dream. I check my clock, it’s 7pm. I scramble out of bed getting ready for my late night shift, I ignore the weird Déjà vu feeling I experience when I grab my Ferris scarf out of my wardrobe.

After all story of the Woodbridge haunting is just a fake story they made up to scare freshman, right?