• Dean Wormer

    Fat, Drunk And Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life

    • Kent

      sorry it left out the Dean Wormer reference at the end

  • Guest

    I can’t believe this comic. Don’t they know that there aren’t enough toilets in the Sorority houses and most nights three or more girls share the toilets for their vomiting sessions? C’mon artist, educate yourself!

    • Gogreek

      please educate me on when there has ever been sorority houses???? oh thats right there are none. “guest” maybe you should educate yourself!

  • jjia25

    So all of you are saying that you’ve never had one of these nights where you’re crouching over a toilet, maybe say, after a mixer of some sort?

    Before you accuse the cartoonist, maybe you should think about that first

  • Guest

    delta kush

  • Vogtb1

    Wow, your seriously a d-bag for putting that up. You must be that guy in the corner that has no friends and gets rejected all the time. As for Ferris, what a disappointment that you would even let that fly… All professionalism right out the window. I can only imagine all the donations Ferris gets from greek alumni. I hope they all see this and cut that off. You defiantly just lost one plus everyone else I share this with.       

    • Vogtb1


      • Herp Q. Derpington

        -You wanted to use you’re, not your.  Your implies possession or ownership.  You’re is an abbreviation for ‘you are.’ 
        EG:  “You’re welcome.”  Or, “You’re a dingus.”
        -The ellipses was unnecessary and  pointless.
        -“All professionalism right out the window,” is an incomplete sentence.
        -“You definitely lost one, as well as everyone else I share this with.” is the correct way to phrase that final sentence.

        +Overall Grade: D-
        You obviously didn’t read the class handouts.  Study harder next time.

    • Shpadoinkle


  • Joel Schwaber

    I’m someone who now lives in apartments instead of on-campus because of one too many trashed bathrooms/piss stains in the hall/throwup/returning late frat boys/sorstitutes, etc. 

    Thank god someone finally had the balls to say what everyone already knows to be true.

  • Elizabeth

    This is ridiculous. The more I see the claws out on these organizations and the people “supporting” them, the more I’m disgusted. At this point, I have no interest to even try to learn about your organizations if none of you can offer defenses aside from “You can’t understand until you’ve been there,” or “This is unprotected speech because I’m offended!”

    Don’t even get me started on some of the nasty conversations I’ve heard around campus… Death threats? Insulting his life and claiming he’s unhappy “just jealous” because a greek organization rejected him? Let me ask you this, greeks. How do you expect to say things like that and not have people call you elitists? Snubbing and insulting others? If you are all really offended by the image this presents, why do you still allow drunken chants including letters or organizations to BASE THEIR RECRUITMENT ON BOOZE. (Looking at you, Sigma Pi. Nice Pabst Blue Ribbon shirts.)

    The official organizations might want to speak up with calm complaints before their groupies make them look bad. 

  • Shpadoinkle

    This is an apt description of the greek system at my university.

  • Guest

    This is the worst thing to ever happen to white people.

  • Nobody

    This is funny as shit.  Especially the debate.

  • Solo 413

    Awesome, this is the typical 10-20% , yes not all but some and this is it right here, and let me tell you racism didnt start with cartoons you dunce,  its called feeling superior to one, and yes i feel superior to people who have to join clubs to justify their existence in this world… so much for being yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/VirindiER Eric Riggs

    Is that girl getting sick from drinking soda? I don’t get it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/VirindiER Eric Riggs

    Nevermind, I just realized it’s grape fruit juice. That stuff makes me sick too.

  • Some guy

    I like the Greek system. A lot.
    I’m not in it, but I have lots of friends in it. both sororities and fraternities.

    This comic is also hilarious.

  • UofMGreek

    At my school (Memphis), the campus GPA statistics are released after each semester.  All four years that I was in school (2007-2011), the Greek Men and the Greek Women average GPAs far exceeded the average GPA for both the GDI Men and GDI Women.

    Also, Greek Men and Women held 90% of the leadership positions for student organizations on campus.  Those leadership positions included the Up Til’ Dawn fundraiser for St. Jude, Service on Saturday, and the Student Government.  There is no denying, at least on my campus, that the Greek system is the driving force for fundraising and community service.

    As far as the comic goes, whether or not you are in a sorority has very little impact on whether or not you are a drunk whore.  There will always be good girls and there will always be sluts.  The difference between the girl in the comic and a GDI is that the girl in the comic is more likely to have passed her test or completed community service prior to staying up late and hitting the bottles. 

    • BobJones

      Good to know all the “Greeks” cheating shows.

      • Guest

        No, everything they do is absolutely legitimate. THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

    • Greek-Evaluator

      “As far as the comic goes, whether or not you are in a sorority has very little impact on whether or not you are a drunk whore”FALSE! I, and many others, know that everyone (of age or not of age) are very pressured to drink and partake in substance abuse.

  • Guest

    I think the thing we can take away from this is that no one here is actually greek.

  • Guest


    • Pike Bro

      I got your back. You coming to the PIKE house on saturday? YEAGER!!

  • Bahonen

    Greek membership is a bond GDI’s will just never understand.  Why try to explain it to them, they missed out, let them assume that what we did in college was stupid, wasteless, ditzy.   We know the truth and have a large circle of friends that would go to eternity and back for us.  Can most GDI’s say that?  Probably not.  

    • BobJones

      Yea, us God Damned Independents(GDI) will never understand why you losers have to pay for friends.

    • Rick Thompson

      Yeah, it’s a real bummer that I can make friends for free

      • Pike Bro

        Its only 400 a semester. Get some cash from your parents. Its easy. 

        • @PikeBro

          Lol Pike Bro! If I asked my parents for 400 dollars they would just laugh. My parents have to work very very hard for their money, and so do I. I also thankfully saw all the faults of greek life my freshman year and decided my time, money, and reputation was well worth preserving!


    I think that they should have spent a little more time on the hair … it looks shaved.  Other than that.. spot on! 

  • Rachael

    Okay guys, come on.  We all know it doesn’t apply to everyone.  If you don’t want the stereotype perpetuated, examine what you and your sisters are doing.  Also, get over it.

  • Mylife

    Hey before you slander greeks do some research… Nationally, 71% of all Greeks graduate, while only 50% of non-Greeks graduate. The All Greek GPA is higher than the overall collegiate GPA Since 1910, 85% of the Supreme Court Justices have been Greek. 85% of the Fortune 500 key executives are Greek. Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greeks. 76% of Who’s Who in America are Greek.

    • Sdfg

      They sure did a good job with the global economic crisis didn’t they?

    • FalesStatistics

      Is that before or after you kick our all the ones with a gpa that is “too low”

  • Playwright

    Here’s 600+ comments summed up:

    GREEKS,:”Like omg! They sooo did not just do that to us! Its US we’re talking about here.” 
    Rest of society: “hahahahaha. That makes me want to go watch Animal House, Van Wilder, or anything put out by National Lampoon.”
    GREEKS: “Dude-brah, you guys are terrible. That is like, so not what Greek life is about.” 
    Rest of Society: “Really? Because that’s not what what I saw at Shooters last night.” 
    GREEKS: “Oh yeah!? Well you’re just jealous because you don’t have all these friends that I do! I have the best friends ever, like, whoa”
    Rest of society: “That’s nice, I’m glad that my friendships forged over years out of a mutual bond and common goals doesn’t mean anything because its not Greek. I guess you have to pay for quality friends. Congratulations. You’ve won the internet war. How big does that make your penis?” 

    And so you’re all aware- There are more important things in life than a cartoon. I hope all of you can realize that. This has consumed too much of my time as it is looking through *and thoroughly laughing* at everyone here. Its time to get motivated about a bigger issues like HELPING people instead of getting a big case of butthurt over satirical drawing. If you want to make a difference, you have to be the difference. 

  • FSUalumni

    Thank you, John Vestevich, for such a deliberately false illustration.  Your cartoon is a great example of distasteful work, and counterproductive of any higher thinking one would expect from a student/cartoonist who’s works are published in the paper at an institute of higher education.   I am disappointed and expected greater things from you. 

    • Pike Bro

      you so stoopid. PIKE FO LIFE

  • retg

    I, for one, am horribly and deeply insulted that the Torch ran John Vestevich’s comic. It perpetuates a negative stereotype of a very central and important portion of FSU. No other group on campus works harder to ensure that this university is all that it can be. Perpetuating such stereotypes is tantamount to the white’s portrayal of blacks in the South during the Jim Crow era. By publishing this insulting garbage the Torch and Mr. Vestevich have shown themselves to be no better than racists or Nazis. Yes, some members make mistakes but this is true of most everyone on campus at some time or another and singling out this one group which has been working tirelessly to improve itself for decades is simply cruel and unfair. In short, shame on you all.

    Here is a link to the comic in question: http://www.fsutorch.com/2011/03/23/opinions/cartoon-4/

    • retg

      Seriously though, if Greek students have this hard of a time accepting what is a pretty routine bit of criticism which if it were directed at any other group would get a slight chuckle and be immediately forgotten. But because it is suddenly the precious Greek system being mocked then let’s all collectively lose our heads. Guess what, everyone gets poked fun at at some point or another and the world hasn’t ended yet. In college I studied computer science (not at FSU, if that gives you an idea of how much attention this tantrum is getting) and am quite aware of the jokes of us being pale, fat, and anti-social all the time. Truth is, myself and many of my friends don’t fit this stereotype and just laughed and brushed it off.

      The inability of the Greek system to take a bit of criticism says far more than the comic itself does.

  • Weareskint

    Frats were always disproportionately popular at Ferris, I think mainly because of how shitty the town was/is. It’s the only viable social interaction. When I was there, the school had a few pledge deaths in a short span, and the school hosted a discussion panel for/against the ongoing usefulness of the greek system. The organizer was a professor of mine, and he knew that I was on the debate team, as I am an enormous screaming nerd. He was having trouble drumming up participants for the “against” side of the panel, so he asked me to participate. I spent the afternoon poking around on lexis, came up with a few choice tidbits, and went to the panel. It was held in Rankin (if I remember the name correctly), and the place was packed, PACKED, with what appeared to be every frat/sorority member on campus. It was a poorly run, live action version of that shitshow of a comments thread. As I had a mic, and loved to mix it up with fools, I presented my arguments clearly and cogently, only to be informed that “It wasn’t fair for me to be on the panel, because you’re trained in how to argue. It’s not fair.” It devolved from there. Death threats were received. I actually enjoyed writing for the paper. I got to do an opinions column, and handled the interviews for visiting speakers. I got to interview Brent Staples from the NYT (at the time), as well as Malcom X’s brother. The second time I received death threats involved my article on hunting season, in which the phrase “Vietnam with antlers” was used. 
    Fucking rednecks. Went to a real school for graduate school. As an aside, to those pointing to Supreme Court Justices, etc. as proof of the merits of the greek system. Stop and consider the fact that not one of those folks was a Ferris grad. A far more cogent argument would be to point out the importance of these systems at Ivy league institutions, not some shitty suitcase school in an overwhelmingly disappointing midwest city. 90% of Supreme Court Justices were men, but you don’t hear me going on about how that means women suck. 

    tl;dr You’re dumb. Quit whining, and enjoy your time as overgrown collar popped guppies in a small pond. Torch, thanks for being one of several bright spot in an otherwise lackluster undergrad experience. 

  • Pike Bro

    Ive been in a fraternity for 5 years. SUPER SENIOR!!! This comic pisses me off man. I mean, for real. Its like this “guy” john v. is so upset about not getting any pussy. Put on some letters and man up.

    Come by the PIKE house with your cartoon…… BROS FOR LIFE….. PIKE ALL THE WAY!! We got your backs sisters. 


    • LOL

      I like how your main argument for the Pikes was Bros who get pussy! You’re a real gem!

  • Qewrt

    fun fact: the picture on the front…the girl is a prostitute in that movie very classy 

  • GoGreek!

    To those who say Greek has better gpa and gives more money to alumni :

    I’m a Greek too. Yea its offensive blah blah blah. But don’t act like you haven’t seen a fellow Greek sister pass out. Stop being in denial. Most of us party. Big whoop.

    The reason why us Greeks can say we have higher gpa than non Greeks is because honestly, looking around, us Greeks don’t aim for the big majors like the non Greeks do. So it’s not really something to be boasting about. Plus, when our grades drop, we get kicked out. So of course Greeks are going to have a higher gpa. But doesn’t necessarily make us the best.

    Yes Greek gives a lot to alumni. Only because we have to.

    Greek does a lot on campus and gives a lot of volunteer hours. Only because we have to.

    So, I don’t get why Greeks have their panties up in a bunch. I’m a Greek and I laughed my ass off looking at it. Have some humor you lames. Stop being in denial about stuff with a stick up your ass just because something has humor and a bit of truth to it.

  • Fulana

    Although people are upset by this comic I think its important to note that they do it to themselves. Alpha Sigma Tau had a shirt two years ago that said you can’t spell wasted without AST. If you want to use a slogan about class make sure your organizations have it before being offended.  

  • Aswanson_CAN

    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen some random bimbo invoke a
    completely irrelevant statistic or proposition to reply to a message
    that suggests the slightest offensive idea to her.

    For example, when someone says that men have it harder (referring to
    life in general), I’ve heard women say “But if a girl is sexually
    promiscuous, , she’s a slut, if the guy is promiscuous he’s a player!”. This
    proposition has absolutely nothing to do with the adversities faced by
    either gender and is merely a jaunt at at someone (usually a man) who is
    debunking the culture of self-imagined oppression/victimization of
    women.she’s a slut, if the guy is promiscuous he’s a player!”.
    This proposition has absolutely nothing to do with the adversities faced
    by either gender and is merely a jaunt at at someone (usually a man)
    who is debunking the culture of self-imagined oppression/victimization
    of women.

    As for the rest of the comments? They are simply proof that if you try
    to satirize whatever group is considered either or “morally superior”,
    you will receive backlash that is grounded on their apparent
    superiority. Notice how the insinuation that greeks lack class causes a
    massive shitstorm where they attempt to prove their superiority by
    citing statistics (whether fabricated or not) that supposedly prove that
    greek students are superior?

    It’s herd mentality at its finest. “Insult one of us and you insult us
    all”. Even if that one is a caricature drawn inside the box of a comic

  • Nagiom

    This actually looks a bit classier than the average sorostitute.

  • guest

    Totally uncalled for. I disagree with the comic, but this comment is just as classless as the content itself.

  • guest

    Totally uncalled for. Content of the comic aside, posting comments like this is just as classless.

  • Rick Thompson

    We’re calling the Police on you, you’ve been backtraced.

    You done goof’d now, MyLife.