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Having no health insurance is a true pain

Like millions of Americans, I no longer have any type of health insurance. I found this out when I had to pay for some prescriptions out of pocket.

One prescription cost over $300, which I was not able to afford. Another one cost $30 that I had to pay for out of pocket. I was not pleased when I discovered this.

According to for Health Care Programs Eligibility, persons under 21 are eligible for Medicaid. Once I turned 21, I lost my health insurance. I am trying to reapply, but I’m not certain anything will happen.

While we live in a great country, our health care system is still broken. Many individuals who need insurance can’t afford it. Therefore, they don’t get the proper medical treatment or prescriptions they need.

President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act doesn’t kick in until 2014, which requires all Americans to have some type of health insurance.

Also, health insurance companies won’t be able to deny you if you have a pre-existing condition nor can your coverage be dropped unless you committed some kind of medical fraud. Those are just a few of the many policies associated with this new health care plan.

I agree with his plan for health care. I strongly dislike knowing I can’t afford the medicines I need or receive dental care. It’s kind of scary. What do you do if you become ill and end up in the hospital? It’s going to cost you. Depending on the issue, it might be quite expensive.

The next time I see my doctor back home, I’m sure I’m going to have to pay some kind of fee and I hope I can afford it. Many Americans refuse to go to the hospital just so they don’t have to see their bills. They simply can’t afford to be sick.

You may have heard the story awhile back about a man who kept committing petty crimes just so he could get health care in jail. Sadly, that’s what it has come to. Medical care has become so unaffordable that some become desperate enough to receive medical treatment behind bars.

About 1.7 million traditional-aged college students (20 percent) are uninsured in the United States, according to an article, “Among the Uninsured: 1.7 Million College Students” by Elizabeth Redden published on in 2008. Those who are under their parents’ health insurance have coverage until age 26. Those without any kind of health insurance just go without.

The New York Times reported that according to the Government Accountability Office, insurance experts claimed that most college students are young and healthy and are tempted to manage without health plans.

I call bullcrap. I like having health insurance and not having to worry about going to the doctor if I get sick. I also like being able to have my medicine.

Whether or not you agree with “Obamacare,” you can’t tell me that it isn’t irritating or frightening to live without health insurance. Every day is different, you never know if you’re going to become seriously ill or get into a terrible accident. Without insurance, your medical bills usually build up fast.

Like I also mentioned before – medications aren’t cheap. I’m looking forward to the changes this health care plan proposes.

I want to have health insurance and not pay a fortune for prescriptions.


I have a question for the author. You say that you want to have health insurance, and that therefore you are grateful for Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. However, you don’t currently have health insurance. Obama’s plan forces you to have health insurance. Do you see the catch here? Why don’t you just take out an insurance policy yourself–immediately–and forget about waiting for Obamacare to be fully implemented? 

Another detail worth mentioning here: while Obamacare does not take full effect until 2014, certain aspects are being implemented before then. One part of the legislation currently in place is that children can now stay on their parents’ insurance policies until age 26, solving the problem temporarily for many young Americans such as myself. 

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