Hurting the most vulnerable

The sequestration affects you more than you think

The sequestration that started March 1 of this year is going to have a ravaging effect on the middle class, education, college students and more.

For those who do not know what a “sequester” is, says it is a series of automatic cuts that will, if it hasn’t already, threaten thousands of jobs and the economic security of the middle class. Approximately 70,000 children will be booted from Head Start and 10,000 teacher jobs are now at risk. Also, 7,200 special education teachers, aides and staff members are at risk of being cut.

Here at Ferris, the sequestration is going to reduce $18,347 in work study funds, according to an article from MLive titled “Report: Sequester would reduce financial aid at West Michigan colleges and universities” published Feb. 27 by Brian McVicar. That’s less financial aid and fewer chances of receiving funding for on-campus jobs.

Other colleges losing financial aid dollars include Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University.

The cuts are already taking effect in Michigan, with three air traffic control towers closing due to federal cuts. State workers may be receiving notices of furlough days soon. Additionally, loan guarantees for small businesses would be reduced, safety inspections for food would be reduced and several thousand researchers would lose their jobs.

Also, senior assistance services such as Meals on Wheels would be cut back, resulting in elderly with low income not receiving meals. Nutrition assistance for women, infants and children would cut 600,000 recipients.

That’s not even all of it. Those are just a few areas being negatively affected by this unnecessary sequestration that is a domino effect on all middle class citizens in the United States. Sadly, those who are the most vulnerable will be the most affected because of a congress that can’t compensate or make logical decisions, since they seem to care more about pocketing millions of dollars than letting children go hungry, a single parent losing his or her job or less law enforcement protecting your neighborhood.

All of us are being affected by this sequestration in one way or another. It’s not fair children from middle class and lower income families get kicked out of Head Start programs and lose a chance to begin their education early. You might know someone who receives work study who might not next semester, which means they could lose a campus job they’ve had as long as they’ve been at Ferris—or it could be you.

We live in a world where most of the wealthiest individuals care more about making more money. They don’t even bat an eye to a family losing their home because opportunities are disappearing all in the name of greed—it’s despicable.


The Federal Gov’t can’t spend money on what’s being cut by this because they don’t have it. It will hurt college students, but we would be hurt more by our Government taking on extra debt and distributing it, let alone taxing us more and deciding where they want to spend it.

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