SATIRE: More than a gorilla

Harambe transcends memes as Fine Art Gallery hosts traveling display

Artists and Ferris graphic design students have banded together to launch a traveling gallery called “He Was More Than a Gorilla” to honor the nation’s fallen hero, Harambe.

Numerous students will be dressed as the martyred gorilla as the gallery comes to the Ferris Fine Arts Gallery close to Halloween. “He Was More Than a Gorilla” will be on campus Monday, Oct. 24, until Tuesday, Nov. 1.

“Memes may die but legends live forever,” said Ferris marketing senior Gerry Rafferty. “Harambe lives in our hearts and his sacrifice will always be remembered.”

Others plan to be more militant about their remembrance of Harambe’s death.

“The incident on May 28 in Cincinnati will be remembered as one of the most excessive uses of force in recent American history,” said Ferris graphic design freshman James Camperlon. “I have my dick out for Harambe, and I encourage others to join in recognizing the excessive use of force in society.”

The traveling gallery will feature political, religious and social themes surrounding the death of Harambe as America witnesses the transfer of power in the United States elections.

“The death of Harambe represents a great upset in the fabric of our society,” said Ferris political science associate professor Neil Harris.

“In order for our society to stay together as a cohesive United States of America, it’s important for everyone to realize Harambe was more than just a gorilla. While dicks out supporters are the most enthusiastic, we encourage all to help in healing this nation of ours.”