SATIRE: How to dress as a Dawg this Halloween

A costume guide for townies and local high-schoolers looking to dress up as Ferris students

Look, we get it. Maybe you’re trying to recapture lost youth. Maybe you never went away to college. Maybe you just really want to look like every facet of your life is falling to pieces and on fire. In any case, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out this costume guide aimed at townies and local high school students hoping to dress as a Ferris student. 

The total price should come to around $14 and most of that cost is the Starbucks coffee. The rest can be picked up at your local superstore, or on any one of a thousand daily Ferris State Trades posts on Facebook featuring a girl cleaning out her closet. 

If you’re looking for the male counterpart to this costume, there are just a few adjustments to make. Swap out the messy bun and sweatpants for a backwards hat and gym shorts with mid-calf Nike socks and you’re in business. 

Just apply these tips and you’ll be looking like Ferris’ own brand of basic or douchey in no time. Happy Halloween!