College debunked

Ferris takes more away from you than your money

This scene of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black was actually filmed in Ward Hall. Katlin Merby | Demo 64

College is an experimental time, filled with new friendships, experiences and mistakes. A lot of mistakes. Here are some common occurrences freshmen encounter.

Squad Goals
EXPECTATION: “I’m so excited
to meet my roommate,”
Ferris social work freshman Julie
Jingle said to her exhausted parents
in their overpacked minivan.
“It will be like having a sleepover
every night”.
REALITY: Jingle has not seen
her roommate in months. Someone
told her that they heard her
roommate is living with her boyfriend
in Campus Creek. Jingle is

Get Some Grub
EXPECTATION: “This food is
so good. I wouldn’t mind eating
this every day,” Ferris marketing
freshman Daniel Dawson said
after stuffing himself with his
second plate of Mongo from the
REALITY: “This food is so
good,” Dawson said to himself
after his second plate of Mongo,
third cheesecake and fourth burger.
Dawson has gained 30 pounds.

Party Animal
EXPECTATION: Ferris early
childhood education freshman
Gail Goodwoman never drank a
sip of alcohol before coming to
the beautiful lawns of Ferris. She
goes to church. She attended parties,
but only as the DD.
REALITY: Goodwoman is in
the hospital. She drank too much
jungle juice at a frat party. Someone
call her parents.