Twitter tirade

In the wake of the Mueller report, student government tweets surface

The Ferris decision to switch from Gmail to Outlook drew an irate reaction from Ferris Student Government President Preston Wimberly, who in a shocking turn of events has taken to twitter to vent his frustration.

Wimberly (@PrezBoi69) flooded the feeds with a series of angry tweets, many using poor grammar, capitalization and punctuation.

@PrezBoi69: WE NEED TO BUILD A FIREWALL!! It’s going to be the biggest and best firewall to BLOCK Outlook. THE LOSER ADMINISTRATION is scamming you!!!!


When asked how he intended to fund the building of such rewall, Wimberly initially danced around the question before firing off another series of tweets.

@PrezBoi69: OUTLOOK is going to PAY for this firewall! They are invading our time and ability to UNDERSTAND HOW TO SEND AN EMAIL!

@PrezBoi69: WE ARE TRAPPED IN A SWAMP of many many notifications and applications we don’t need BY THE LOSER ADMINISTRATION!!!

Ferris President Dr. David Eisler would not respond to the comments on twitter but did ask, “Who the fuck is this jumped up little shit?”

This only made Wimberly more incendiary on twitter, responding to the Eisler quote in fury.

@PrezBoi69: THE HATERS ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!!! That BAD HOMBRE EISLER doesn’t know that everyone said to me that my firewall was the best idea, BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!!!!

Students have also voiced their frustration with the change to outlook, but more of them wondered who Wimberly was or how he was elected Student Government president.

“I guess he got like 34 percent of the vote and won,” Ferris freshman biology major Ann Brandanowitz said. “But based on his Twitter, he does seem to be acting fairly presidential.”

Wimberly won the 2018-19 election with 16 of the 50 cast votes in a race against six other candidates, one of which, Jamie Dupree, dropped out after failing every single class of his first semester of freshman year, despite finishing with 18 votes.

At press time, Wimberly was asked about the election results, to which he tweeted:

@PrezBoi69: Completely FAKE NEWS, the LYING and FAILING Tire Fire is just trying to destroy my character! #MakeFerrisGmailAgain