Where Have All the Good Toons Gone?

When I reflect back on my childhood, a pleasant memory that comes to mind is watching Nickelodeon cartoons back in the ‘90s.

In the past week, I’ve been in a nostalgic mood. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of Nickelodeon promos and the commercials. The ones that would run just before “All That” came on. “All That” was the original Saturday Night Live for kids and, I believe one, of the greatest shows of the ’90s, along with “The Amanda Show”, “Rugrats”, “The Angry Beavers” and many more.

iPorn: A Peepshow in Your Pocket…

Apple, Inc. has recently approved the first set of porn star apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone App Store.

There’s an app for that! Well, now there are a few to help you follow your favorite porn stars, right from the convenience of your favorite handheld devices.

The apps, made by GrindhouseMobile, currently feature two porn stars, Sunny Leone and Aria Giovanni. Each star has their own app containing their blog, bio, and different sets of pictures (amateur, glamour, fetish, etc). Sunny’s even includes some of her personal videos.