iPorn: A Peepshow in Your Pocket…

Apple, Inc. has recently approved the first set of porn star apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone App Store.

There’s an app for that! Well, now there are a few to help you follow your favorite porn stars, right from the convenience of your favorite handheld devices.

The apps, made by GrindhouseMobile, currently feature two porn stars, Sunny Leone and Aria Giovanni. Each star has their own app containing their blog, bio, and different sets of pictures (amateur, glamour, fetish, etc). Sunny’s even includes some of her personal videos.

Kanye, Why So Mean?

Kanye West is one of today’s musical geniuses.

The former hip-hop producer turned multi-platinum artist has influenced and collaborated with artists Fall out Boy, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z, Sting, John Mayer, and Janet Jackson. The Chicago native even has time to open a restaurant chain, Fatburger, and create a clothing line called Pastelle. He even brought back tacky male 80s fashions.

Even though West is a super talented and eclectic guy, he is also a huge jerk. Most people would agree that Kanye is a bit on the mean-spirited side; however, I think there is a method to his meanness.