Fix Your Own Car

More people take their vehicles to auto repair shops for simple repairs than fix them on their own.

Last weekend, I was at home and told my dad that my check engine light was on. I told him my water temperature gauge was not registering anything and he said he would look at it. Three hours later, he had changed the sensor and it was fixed.

Our generation has fewer and fewer people who are willing and able to make minor repairs to their own vehicles.

Oh, How I Miss the Good Old Days!

Whether it’s H1N1 or just plain old influenza, it seems that cold season is upon us. Classes are now filled with coughing, sniffling, germ-infested students.

Area K-12 school districts have already felt the symptoms of flu season and have been forced to close school several days in the past week. For most schools, this means that over 25 percent of their student population was absent due to sickness.

In college however, we aren’t privilege to the same benefits as elementary, middle, and high school students. We don’t shutdown or cancel classes often, especially not simply due to illness.